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Sunrise Package

EXTERIOR ONLY hand washing (traditional or waterless), Claying (Removes imbedded contaminates from clear coat), Sealant (water beading for up to 3 mo) on paint and glass. Wheels cleaned and tire dressed (tire, rim, drum, and wheel well).  Cars $165-195, Trucks/SUV $195-225, Vans $250

Sunset Package

(Sunrise package plus with light interior touch up) hand washing, claying, sealant, interior vacuum, and interior windows and door jams cleaned. Cars $200-230 Trucks/SUV $230-250, Van $285

Eclipse Package

(Sunset package plus interior detailed) “Shampoo” is the common thought but we use the Wet Towel Method and/or steam when needed (less water is left behind with quicker drying time). Cars $250-260 Trucks/SUV $265-285

Solar Eclipse Package

(Eclipse package plus One step paint enhancement using an all-in-one product) One Step polishing removes minor imperfections caused by previous improper washing technique (haze, swirls, light scratches, and spider webbing).  Both new and used Vehicles can benefit from this procedure. Cars $340-370 Trucks/SUV $370-400